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“All of the oils are amazing! As soon as I put on the body oil I immediately noticed how soft it made my hands. So much that it caught me off guard. I keep the body oil in my car to use it for my hands and feet. I love it.”

- Brittney

“The body drip smells amazing. I used it up and am ready for more!”

- Tamieko

“I tried all three products and absolutely love them! I really appreciate how you used high quality oils (I can tell).”

- Ro

“I am obsessed with the body oil. It has my skin looking and feeling amazing. It was also great for my eczema. I noticed a difference in just a few days!”

- Keyanna

“I have extremely sensitive skin and typically react to any new product I try (even if it's made specifically for sensitive skin). I've never had any reaction with the Sine Face Drip; it feels great on my skin, and is really hydrating yet absorbent .”

- Jenna


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