Note from The Founder

Growing up with very little as one of nine children, we couldn’t afford “luxury”. However, my father was a great example of holding space for the “simple little lux.ur.ies” in life. Whether it a cup of good coffee or a special pen he wrote with, he took so much pride in the luxuries we could afford. I was fortunate to understand the value of tangible luxuries at a young age. So, O+P is somewhat of an ode to him and to others who can relate. You may not be able to afford extravagant family vacations but pouring into a clean all-natural wellness routine is equally luxurious!

Every product at onyx + petal starts with intention. Where creativity meets purpose, a product is born. I created onyx + petal out of necessity, desiring effective products that weren't misleading. I was craving products with ingredients I didn't have to look up just to understand what I was putting on my body. Our products are plant-based, skin-sensitivity friendly, unisex and for All-Skin/Hair types. 

Every ingredient used at O+P has a purpose to serve you well! All of our products are made in small batches to keep quality at the forefront. There is nothing I desire more than to bring a sense of joy to anyone who uses O+P. Thank you for following along and being a part of this sweet journey.

Here is to taking the time to slow down and incorporate wellness into your daily routine, even if it's just for 5 minutes. 




Our mission is to create space for self-care and wellness. We do this by creating non-toxic quality feel-good products.


/simple little lux.ur.ies/

The comfort in the simplicity of your self-care & wellness

We believe that the “simple little lux.ur.ies” life has to offer are invaluable. Making time for the simple things help us to re-charge and show up as our best selves. 



Onyx + Petal is my love story to you. It’s a life long journey all bottled up in one. There was so much fear and self doubt in launching a business of my own, yet I wanted to be an example and show the world, if I could overcome my fears of achieving my dreams then you can too!


The best thing you can have in your corner is a woman. The power of a woman is truly unparalleled. Empowering and collaborating with other female creatives will always be at the forefront of our mission to continue to build a beautiful community. 


In a world where everyone is shaping their identity and self worth around likes, we see the constant struggle people are having with being their authentic self. In order to live your most fulfilled life you must rest in who you truly are.


The environment is important for all of us to nurture, love and respect. It truly takes all of our efforts to be environmentally responsible. We bottle O+P with premium ultra violet glass, that helps preserve your products longer and are recyclable. Our formulas are plant-based and are non-toxic. We use recyclable shippers and avoid using plastic packaging. We are cruelty free & leaping bunny certified. We are committed to sustainable practices.





Our Tree logo represents the Palm Tree “ Southern California”- Where owner Rebekah was born and raised and the Evergreen “Washington”- Where she now lives and launched O+P.




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