Petra Mug

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This neutral mug is a timeless element that complements and becomes a part of your home. Its shape, sandy texture, and neutral tones add simplicity to your space. Each piece features small details and imperfections that set apart and narrate a story about the process each of them goes through. Eventualities that happen along the way and alter the pieces tell us the story behind the hands with which they were made. The Petra mug is handmade wheel thrown in high-fire stoneware and finished with a satin glaze on the inside.


Enjoy sipping a warm beverage out of your handcrafted mug. The Petra also works great as a catchall tumbler for your bathroom counter, office desk, coffee table and beyond. The simplicity of the design makes it extremely versatile in your space.



Handmade in Mexico

8 x 9 cm


Dishwasher safe & Microwavable