Basil Hair & Scalp Bundle

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Our Basil comb was designed to be paired with Basil hair drip, it will help increase the product absorption so your scalp gets the maximum benefits of our coveted hair oil. It also aids in tension relief, improves your blood circulation, helps eliminate toxins and can help increase hair growth. 

Adding the right amount of oil prior to Gua Sha gives you the perfect amount of slip to properly use your stone. The oil allows the tool to glide nicely along your scalp, opposed to pulling or tugging discomfort. Our nutrient-dense drip will add to your haircare routine, leaving your scalp satisfied!

Includes: 1.69 oz Basil Hair drip and our Basil Gua Sha Comb

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100% Jade Stone, hand-crafted in China


  • Put a towel underneath you when using the stone. This will provide cushion to help avoid breaking your stone, if it were to slip out of your hand. 
  • Never use on agitated or broken skin like breakouts or rashes.

Please note:

Each natural stone has its own special characteristics and vary in color shades. No two stones are identical and all vary in detail.